Customer Testimonial

by Mar 11, 2020Automotive

Customer Testimonial

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As an expanding Bus/Coach operator I know there is a need to reduce down time of vehicles that come off the road due to emission problems.

Approximately nine months ago I was approached by Paul Widdowson of Efficient Fuel Technology with regards to Dipetane a fuel treatment recommended to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. At first I was very sceptical regarding this product but having heard some good feedback I decided to try it in a few of our buses. Within a few weeks we found the buses were running smoother with greatly reduced emission problems and less down time.
I now does the bulk tank with Dipetane in order that the whole fleet benefits and I have seen a marked improvement in our fuel economy. My next step is to install a dosin system that will add Dipetane at the pump automatically when the fleet is being fuelled.
I recommend Dipetane to anyone who wishes to lower their fuel costs, emissions and maintenance on their vehicles.

Peter Morris,
Tanat Valley
T: 01691 780 212