Why Use Dipetane – Why Use A Fuel Treatment - Dipetane


Enhanced combustion

The enhanced combustion enabled by Dipetane results in less friction and engine wear. Less wear and tear means less maintenance for expensive hardware such as injectors, DPFs and EGR Valves.

Using Dipetane means prolonging the lifespan of critical engine components. Learn more about how Dipetane works here.

Emissions and efficiency

When it comes to passenger and commercial vehicles, two things come to mind: emissions and efficiency. Dipetane is a unique fuel treatment that upgrades petroleum fuels without any additives. You simply add it to your fuel tank, and it gets to work right away.

Clean your engine

Dipetane cleans your engine, helping your engine to last longer. It lowers dirty emissions, which is better for the environment. And it also helps to improve fuel economy, which will
save you money.

Complete burn

Dipetane’s more efficient and complete burn is enabled by unique alterations to Fuel the carbon chain structure. This pre-combustion process allows oxygen to access and burn the carbon more completely. Other additives cannot do this since they operate on a post combustion basis. This is what makes Dipetane unique.

Increase fuel economy

At the heart of Dipetane’s ability to increase fuel economy by its ability to create a more efficient and complete fuel burn – you simply get more out of the fuel you’ve paid for.

Make a difference to your vehicle’s and the planets health today

Join countless drivers who have already experienced the benefits of Dipetane. Available at your local automotive retailer, Dipetane is your partner in achieving optimal engine performance, reducing emissions, and saving on fuel costs.

Take the first step towards a cleaner, more efficient driving experience with Dipetane.


Using Dipetane with your fuel, you unlock a world of benefits for your car and the planet.

Reduces fuel costs

Prolongs catalytic converter life

Protects injectors, valves and exhausts

Reduces fossil fuel consumption

Lowers emissions and your carbon footprint

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