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How Dipetane works
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What is Dipetane

Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. It contains nothing that is not already in the fuel.

Independent Tests

A series of rigorous Independent laboratory and road tests have been carried out on Dipetane, all affirming our performance claims. Check out these tests here.

How Dipetane Works

Dipetane’s remarkable ability to increase fuel economy by up to 10% is due to its unique capacity to enable a more efficient and complete fuel burn.

Step 1: Add Dipetane to your fuel

The self-mixing rate is always 1:200. That is, 1 Litre of Dipetane treats 200 Litres of any fuel, be it Petrol, Diesel or Kerosene.

Step 2: Cleans combustion chamber and injectors

Dipetane’s effectiveness lies in burning the carbon more fully. With Dipetane, the existing unburnt carbon deposits, present in all vehicles and boilers, are not fed any further carbon and are disintegrated. They fall off and do not return.

Step 3: Cleans your DPF and Catalytic converter

Use the Dipetane fuel treatment to maintain impeccably clean injectors and to provide the added crucial benefit of extra lubrication. Only Dipetane is capable of providing this additional lubrication. Dipetane will counter the decreased lubrication due to the 80% cut in sulphur in diesel fuel. Sulphur in diesel had been providing vital lubrication to protect the injectors from wear and tear, Dipetane now compensates for this loss.

Step 4: Enjoy the benefits

  • Helps to pass new MOT, DOE, NCT lower smoke, CO2 and NOx emission regulations.
  • Up to 10% Better Fuel Consumption
  • Up to 35% reduced ‘PROMPT’ NOx, this further reduces all NOx from Catalytic Converters.
  • Up to 25% less CO2.

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