Fuel Treatment For The Transport Industry - Dipetane

Dipetane for the transport industry

Tractor units rarely get a rest. They’re on the road twenty-four-seven. Which means wear and tear levels are extremely high, and the costs associated with keeping them running are ever present.

complete fuel burn

There is something you can do to ensure your truck is kept in good health. Called Dipetane this unique product upgrades fuels without any additives. You simply pour into your fuel tank and it gets to work right away.

Once added, Dipetane will work to clean your vehicle’s engine, as well as lowering dirty emissions and improving fuel economy – three very important factors when operating in the transport business.

At the heart of Dipetane’s ability to increase fuel economy is its ability to create a more efficient and complete fuel burn – you simply get more out of the fuel you’ve paid for.

Dipetane’s more efficient and complete burn is enabled by unique alterations to Fuel the carbon chain structure. Normal Fuel additives cannot do this since they operate on a post combustion basis and this is what makes Dipetane unique.

The enhanced combustion enabled by Dipetane results in less carbon clogging up your engine. And less baked on carbon means reduced maintenance of expensive hardware such as injectors, DPFs and EGR Valves. Which could be very costly when we’re talking about a large fleet of transport vehicles.

Real Difference

So don’t waste time and treat your transport fleet to Dipetane Fuel technology today. Dipetane is available now at your local automotive retailer.

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