Reduce your fuel costs and help the environment 

Dipetane cleans DPF’s, valves, pistons and injectors , helping your engine to last longer. It lowers dirty emissions, which is better for the environment. And it also helps to improve fuel economy, which will save you money.


Cut pollution by 25%*

Only Dipetane can do this by increasing the air/fuel mix rate which creates a cleaner burn in the combustion chamber and lowers emmissions.

Lower Smoke by 50%*

Dipetane will cause soot and other internal deposits to find their way out of your engine via the complete burn process created by our Fuel technology.

Longer engine life

The enhanced combustion increases lubricity within the engine which results in less friction and engine wear and this means less engine maintenance. 

Dipetane enables more complete combustion

At the heart of Dipetane’s ability to increase fuel economy by up to 10% with its more efficient and complete fuel burn. The result is increased energy release and a longer.


Dipetane fuel lubricant is suitable for all engines. It’s a 100% hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. This  unique fuel treatment technology results in increased fuel efficiency, minimal carbon deposits and reduced emissions. Simply add to your fuel as liquid is self-mixing.

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