NOX & Soot Treatment & Cleaner - Dipetane

NOX/Soot test/MOT

Your annual MOT now requires your car to pass an annual exhaust emissions. While this is only required for vehicles over three years old, as your vehicle ages the chances of passing the emissions test becomes more difficult. This is where Dipetane can help.

Treats & cleans

Dieptane is a unique product that upgrades petroleum fuels without any additives to clean and protect your engine.

If you’ve failed the MOT Emissions test your best bet is to buy a bottle of Dipetane and add the correct amount needed to your specific fuel tank. Take your vehicle on an extended drive and have a retest two days later.

Dipetane will cause soot and other internal deposits to find their way out of your engine via the complete burn process created by our Fuel technology. Most vehicles will then pass once retested. The overall long-term benefits of using Dipetane are simple:

It will lower your car’s emissions it will improve fuel economy. You’ll get better fuel combustion,

which will result in less engine wear and tear - which will save you even more money in the long run. And you’ll also get fewer combustion chamber deposits in expensive items such as DPFs and EGR valves - when these are blocked it can be very costly to repair.

So rather than being reactive to failing the exhaust emissions test, be proactive and use Dipetane in your vehicle today.

Real Difference

Make a difference to your vehicle’s health before engine problems hit your wallet. Dipetane is available now at your local automotive retailer.

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