Fuel Treatment For Cars & Vans - Dipetane

Dipetane IN Your Car OR VAN

When it comes to passenger vehicles, two things come to mind: emissions and efficiency. Introducing Dipetane. Ideal for all cars and vans, whether they have diesel or petrol engines, our unique fuel treatment upgrades petroleum fuels without any additives. You simply pour it into your fuel tank, and it gets to work right away.

complete fuel burn

At the heart of Dipetane’s innovative fuel technology is its ability to create a more efficient and complete fuel burn. This process lowers dirty exhaust emissions, benefiting the environment by reducing harmful pollutants. When it comes to fuel treatments for cars or vans, there really isn’t anything better than Dipetane to improve your fuel economy and save money.


Dipetane’s more efficient and complete burn is enabled by unique alterations to the fuel’s carbon chain structure, whether diesel or petrol. Normal fuel additives cannot do this since they operate on a post combustion basis, and this is what makes Dipetane unique.

The enhanced combustion enabled by Dipetane results in less carbon clogging up your engine. And less baked on carbon means reduced maintenance of expensive hardware such as injectors, DPFs and EGR Valves. Dipetane will extend your car’s engine life while maintaining its efficiency.

Real Difference

Make a difference to your vehicle’s and the planet’s health today by choosing Dipetane. Available now at your local automotive retailer, Dipetane is your solution for cleaner more efficient driving.

Coming soon!! Hybrid Pure One Shot. Download Product Sheet